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Recently Pieroni has sculptured a large coats of arms of the United States of Europe, starting a unique and valuable collection.

Pieroni constantly consults libraries, historical archives
and heraldic associations to find out, after exhaustive research
the discendants of a family and goes back to the original symbol
which is then carved into the coat of arms.

Mauro Pieroni has carved some brands in wood for credit institutions and other important companies and has a continual cooperation with Sergio Bianco, the most influential specialist in the creation and reset of a brand and in the research of the symbolism
" The brand carved in the mind" .

The master Mauro Pieroni for the creation of the coats of arms and for the heraldic research and consults, enjoy a partnership with the Studio Araldico Pasquini

To begin the work it a detailed picture or original drawing specifying requested size and finishing is sufficient.

The works may be sculptored in any size: from the smallest size
with a diameter of cm 20 and a thickness of cm 3,
presented in an elegant leather casket with velvet lining
measuring cm28x28x8 thickness.
The purpose of these caskets is to offer them as important company gifts to outstanding personalities on occasion of prestigious cerimonies or anniversaries.

We then come to the maximum dimension of cm 500 height for big luxurious halls.
As well as traditional private use for families,
these emblems can also be used as company logos giving a touch of class
and prestige to companies, banks, hotels, associations,
committees,universities, clubs.
Same for town and district councils, regions, embassies,
sovereign states, as the varied staff of the forces armed.

Coats of arms and emblems commemorating cultural exchanges between the City of Florence and City of Moscow.
Now on sale for Russian institutions or private citizens.
Unique works, sculpted in precious wood and sumptuously finished in 24 carat pure gold leaf and fine silver leaf 1000/1000 pure.



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