Mauro Pieroni carves the Swiss or Italian seasoned "Pinus Cembrall" (Cirmolo), that is a precious wood perfect for its thin grain and its wonderful softness.
The wood is rough-shaped and carved from a whole single piece, using very sha tools called "sgorbies", and then finished in all details with great care. In his workshop we can count over a hundred "gauges", each one with a different point and special shape.
Mauro Pieroni
Mauro Pieroni
Mauro Pieroni


The coat of arms is then polished with bees wax that protects the wood and enhances its natural
veins. It can also be richly decorated
using first quality gold leaf 24 carate and real silver leaf 1000 with
antiqued oil paints, applied with the same techniques used by the master gilders of the Renaissance.


To complete the work, the artist brands the wood with his signature.
The COAT-OF-ARMS is an excellent investment as it acquires more
and more value along the years, being Mauro Pieroni the only artist in
the world specialized in heraldic sculpture .

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