Oltrarno is the historical district in Florence, well-known for Arts and Crafts.

In one of these shops along the banks of Arno river, Pieroni began to work in wood at the age of fourteen, with an engraver specialized in producing frames in Renaissance style.

In his family, his father was a restorer of valuable antique furniture. Inspired by this fertile environing and by his deep passion and enthusiasm, Mauro Pieroni, day by day, perfected his own talent for art becoming an artist of the heraldic engraving.

The meaning and essence of a COAT-OF-ARMS lies in the fact that it is the insignia and flag of a family to be honoured and handed down from father to son as the symbol of the continuity of a descent.
Today Pieroni is the only sculptor in heraldry engaged full-time in this activity. He has carved more than three hundred coats of arms and emblems for monarchs, heads of state, religious authorities and orders of knighthood from all over the world. But more than awards and official recognition, he values the continuation and diffusion of the artisan tradition and florentine talent for which as the famous motto says, nothing is impossible.

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